Best Gay Pick Up Lines for Guaranteed Dates

So, you've seen a man that makes your heart thud faster. You are desperate to introduce yourself and start chatting - but your mouth runs dry.
This scenario is nothing new, and it can happen whether you're at work, out and about, or browsing through local singles on an online dating site!

Here's how to introduce yourself in the best possible way:

  • You make me so nervous I can't think of a single pick up line! This is sweet, cute and makes it clear that you're not trying to be slick and are genuinely interested in talking with this guy.
  • Is it really hot in here? Or is it just you? Cheesy, yes! Likely to elicit a laugh? Very much so! The simple pick-up lines are usually the best.
  • Chuck an ice cube. It's silly, funny, and shows that you're not taking yourself too seriously. Hint - you've got to explain that you've just broken the ice, or it doesn't work at all!
  • Your coat is so soft, is that boyfriend material? This is another cute one and is a gentle way to explain that you're interested while also using body language to show your intentions.

If you're stuck for a pick-up line, simply introduce yourself and tell this guy your name!

best gay pick up lines
Mary Lipnitskaya

Best Sexual Pick Up Lines for Dirty Flirts

When you are in a steamy situation and want to make yourself heard, sometimes it pays to be direct and straightforward.

Using a sexual pick up line leaves no room for doubt about what you'd like to do and avoids any misunderstandings about where you're both coming from!

  • If you need a seat, my face is free. Best used in a busy club or event where there aren't any seats - but works equally well in any scenario.
  • I won't need any spoonful of sugar to swallow you. Dirty, yep! It also avoids any outwardly foul language, so still easy enough to back out of if you've got the signals wrong!

Don't take it too hard (no pun intended!) if your sexual pick up line doesn't work - it's ideal to use it when there is already chemistry there, and you've got a certain amount of surety that this man is into you.

Dirty Pick-up Lines for Guys

Dirty flirts are sometimes the best and can establish the tone of the conversation in one fell swoop! Don't use a line that you feel uncomfortable with, though - it should reflect your personality and what you're hoping for from this relationship.

Try these out for size - with varying levels of dirtiness depending on where your mind is at!

  • How many bones do you have? Want one more? It's silly, without being offensive, and just the right side of dirty to show you're interested in a hook up!
  • Do you work for FedEx? I saw you check out my package. Make sure to use this one if you've caught a guy checking you out or if they've liked a profile photo on a hookup app!
  • Those clothes would look way better on my bedroom floor. Simple, effective, no-nonsense.
  • Spill a drink, or, more subtly, lick your finger and touch it on a guy's shirt. The pick-up line? We need to help you out of your wet clothes ASAP.

We'd always recommend keeping it just the right side of polite. If you know a guy is into you, and you're both looking for a hookup, you can be as outrageously raunchy as you like!

However, if you don't know the person yet, it's wise to err on the side of caution as if they're on the fence or turn out to be a little shy; being too forward can nix a casual encounter before you get started.