Best Lesbian Dating Sites for Gay Singles

Teenage lesbian dating sites

On dating sites online, people can find pretty much everything.
Some services are better than others in various ways – price, availability, your preferences, etc. Some are free, some require a subscription. Some have mobile apps, some don't. Some are gay dating sites, on some gays won't find a single match…
Bearing that in mind, here is a list of the best gay dating sites that teenage lesbians can take advantage of, and seek whatever they may want – relationships, flings with singles, couple action – anything!

How many members does it has over a million profiles all around the world.

Who is this site for:This site is perfect for lesbians, as the name subtly suggests, and many teenage lesbians can be found here seeking romance and friendship.

The uniqueness of this dating site:The ‘Glam Photo Competition’ is something that you don’t see often on dating services.

People upload their photos for a competition, and other lesbians can like and vote. A perfect way to throw yourself out in the dating pool.

Android or iPhone support:Unfortunately for iPhone users, and luckily for Android users, only the latter one has a mobile app, and it’s free to download.

On the other hand, accessing the site via a mobile internet browser is possible, although some options will not be present as on desktop.

One of the best rated gay text chat sites in the US, Flirt is a well-established chatroom style platform used by singles worldwide. The service is easy to use, the design slick and intuitive, and it takes just a few minutes to create an account.

Pricing plans: offers two types of membership: Gold and Platinum, and both are very affordable.

    For Gold:

  • 1 month is $25,
  • 3 months are $16.5 per month,
  • and 12 months are just $8.3 per month.
  • Platinum membership requires:

  • $30 for 1 month,
  • $20 per month for three,
  • and $10 per month for 12 months.

One of the best gay dating sites.

Cool features to facilitate matching.

Android app and browser support.

Lots of lesbians to choose from.


Chatting is for membership users only.

How many members does it have:This dating service has over a million users and they are all lesbians!

Who is this site for:As stated above, young lesbians, queers, and bisexuals are active here, seeking compatible partners for all kinds of activities.

The uniqueness of this dating site:This service has been made by queer females in order to help other fellow females make their lives better.

Android or iPhone support:Interestingly, there are only apps for both Android and iPhone models, but there is no website. This is actually good since the majority of people do prefer apps to desktop sites.

Pricing plans:

Unlike with the previous service, has only a premium subscription option, like is usually the case with online dating sites. People will have to pay

  • $15 for a month
  • $60 for six months
  • $90 for a full year

You can use it for free.

You can find anything you want.

Scams cannot contact you.

Made with experience.


No desktop website.

A tad expensive subscription (but not necessary).

How many members does it has around two million users worldwide.

Who is this site for:Unlike the previous two sites, this service is for everyone, not just lesbians. But as the success rate of chatting turned into dating is very high, it is possible to find young lesbians here.

The uniqueness of this dating site:It is one of the best gay dating sites because it has quite advanced search algorithms, great matchmaking, and filtering out fake and unwanted profiles.

Android or iPhone has a full arsenal of connection options, therefore people can access the service via the site, or via Android and iOS mobile apps.

Pricing plans:

It is not the cheapest of dating sites, but the price goes with quality.

  • one month of subscription is worth $40
  • three months are $60
  • six months are $80
  • full year costs $100

High response rate.

Lots of dates turn into relationships or flings.

Lots of young singles to choose from.

The aerial search for easier hooking up.


Chatting only with subscriptions.

Not for lesbians only.

How many members does it have:Although Tinder's popularity is slowly dropping, due to numerous new dating services, it still boasts tens of millions of users worldwide.

Who is this site for:In case you have no idea what Tinder is, it is meant for everyone.

Simply state your preferences and desires on your profiles, and you can find lots of matches.

The uniqueness of this dating site:Tinder is possible one of the easiest and most user-friendly dating services there is.

Swiping left and right to find matches in your area is all there is. With, of course, chatting possibilities with your matches.

Android or iPhone support:Tinder is found on both Android and iPhone with its free app. There is a desktop site but without the possibility of chatting.

Pricing plans:

One of the most annoying things about Tinder is the constant bombardment for the subscription. There are Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus options available for people under 28 and over 28 (4 different plans), and the prices vary.

Tinder Gold under 28

Packages Total
1 Month 14.99 USD/Month
6 Months 8.83 USD/Month
12 Months 6.92 USD/Month

Tinder Gold over 28

Packages Total
1 Month 29.99 USD/Month
6 Months 18.83 USD/Month
12 Months 12.50 USD/Month

Tinder Plus under 28

Packages Total
1 Month 9.99 USD/Month
6 Months 5.83 USD/Month
12 Months 4.58 USD/Month

Tinder Plus over 28

Packages Total
1 Month 19.99 USD/Month
6 Months 10.00 USD/Month
12 Months 6.67 USD/Month

Interesting and easy to use.

Find people in your area.

Free to use.

Anything and everything can be found here, especially singles.


Constant ads.

Fake profiles.

How many members does it have:Another incredibly popular dating service, there are over fifty million users all around the globe.

Who is this site for:This may not be the best gay dating site on the list, since there aren’t that many lesbians present, but the quality of the service and a variety of options still make it very important.

The uniqueness of this dating site:All profiles are detailed, interesting, and public.

Putting as much info as possible will filter out your preferable matches – lesbian singles, a couple thing, flings, relationships – your call!

Android or iPhone is available on all platforms, both mobile and PC, and the mobile app has the same functions present as on a website.

Be that as it may, the app can be improved.

Pricing plans:

A-List Basic Subscription

Packages Total
1 Month 7.95 USD/Month
3 Months 6.35 USD/Month
6 Months 3.95 USD/Month

A-List Premium Subscription

Packages Total
1 Month 24.90 USD/Month
3 Months 22.90 USD/Month
6 Months 19.90 USD/Month


Packages Total
1 Credit 99 USD/Credit
5 Credits 1.89 USD/Credit
10 Credits 1.69 USD/Credit

A veteran service with lots of success.

Can be used for free.

Lots of options for singles.

Great for relationships.


Public profiles.

Outdated app.